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The biggest prize in a poker tournament can also be divided into four categories namely the first, second, third and fourth place prizes.

All the big prize is divided into four types that are dependent on the category of the tournament. For example, in the super tourney where a lot of stakes are involved, the biggest prize of the poker tourney is thirty-five thousand dollars.

This prize is distributed as the first-place prize and the rest amount as the second-place prize. In the fourth place tournament, fifty thousand dollars is the biggest prize.

Gambling amount is another category where the game of poker is divided into three divisions. The first division is the gambling amount, wherein the player who wins gets to take part in winning as per the requirements of the game of poker.

The second division is where a portion of the total gambling amount is given as an incentive to the winner. The third division is where the whole of the winning amount is kept by the player.

In this category, the person who wins gets to keep all the money. In the fourth division, there is no gambling reward but the person who wins has to pay a flat fee that is fixed in advance.

Gambling in a poker tournament is very common, as many tournaments are played every year all over the world. This money is divided among the players according to the tournament they are playing in. The winner of the tournament can also be treated with the award that is agreed upon.

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