Funeral Services

  • 12.1. On arrival at the Church, the Governor General should be met by an officiating member of the clergy.
  • 12.2. At a funeral service, the Governor General sits on the right front pew with his spouse.
  • 12.3. If the Prime Minister is in attendance he should be seated along with his spouse, if present, on the left of Their Excellencies.
  • 12.4. The family of the deceased sits on the right front pew and other pews on the right side as required.
  • 12.5. The Governor General should be seated five(5) minutes before the funeral procession enters the church.
  • 12.6. At the end of the service, the official funeral procession will depart first with the body, followed by the Governor General and other dignitaries.
  • 12.7. The Governor General does not normally go to the burial ground unless it is a state or official funeral.
  • 12.8. The Governor General should not be asked to serve as an honourary pall bearer.

For any further information on these protocol guidelines, please contact the Office of the Governor General - 268 462 0002/3/4

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